Saturday, December 31, 2011

Updates 12/31/11

  • fixed a long standing bug with room descriptions
  • implemented the hacking framework
  • populated up to 1500 wildlife without issue
  • added all buildings to structure crafting tool
  • added a new building: space complex, which will allow the construction & launch of solar starships
  • did some prep codes for solar ships
  • made corpses rot faster
  • added missiles to available turret weapons
  • implemented the invasion/turret defense framework
Players can hack things that have controllers, like buildings and vehicles, if they are uncontrolled, to take ownership.  Hacking has other effects when players hack various objectives, as well as modules installed in buildings and vehicles.

List the available hack nodes in our location, then choose a program and target:

Fight through the firewalls!

And, best case, accomplish the hack, gaining access or control of various game objects:

Worst case, welp~