Wayfar 1444 Vehicle Design Contest

What is is: Wayfar features vehicles, aircraft, and spacecraft. This contest is seeking cool science fiction vehicles and aircraft concepts.

The game:

Server: wayfar1444.com
Port: 7777

Use your favorite client, or the flashclient at http://wayfar1444.com/flashclient

You can see a list of existing vehicles in game on this page here: http://wayfar1444.com/index.php?page...item&item=8864

The Prizes:

Any one that submits a readable design will receive a unique journal reward on Wayfar! The selected winner will have their vehicle implemented in game, AND receive a copy of that vehicle fully loaded with modules, weaponry, and even a custom paint job!

Here is a template of the information that would help us implement your idea:

Name: Pretty obvious

Description: This is the detailed description someone would see when looking at the vehicle. It should be thematic and as far as possible in good english, although we'll be happy to help with that.

Look Place Message: This is the "short description" displayed when seeing the vehicle in a room, hangar, or zipping through the area. It's generally in the format of: "A skyspeeder is idling here.

Layout: Vehicles must have at least one interior room, where the cockpit is. A larger vehicle might have several, and each one may have some purpose or description associated with it. A luxury airbarge might have something like a dining room fully outfitted with tables, chairs, and maybe even robot servitors.

Special functions or abilities: Can this vehicle do tricks? It's a jetbike that can lean sideways at perilous speeds? Describe the abilities, including how the player might activate them and what messages the player and other players present would see. Include interior messages as well - if the pilot of the luxury barge makes a hard turn, the diners in the first class carriage should notice some plates rattling.

Vehicles that are aircraft can also fly, increasing and decreasing altitude (useful for avoiding ground based weapons fire). Vehicles and aircraft can have different speeds and controls for adjust that speed.

Special Messages:

There are many messages a vehicle uses when launching, driving, etc. Provide messages you'd like to see and we can fit them into the game.

Loadout: Vehicles in Wayfar can be equipped with modules, such as locks, weapons, intruder detection systems, etc. Should the vehicle be able to mount a rat-class gatling gun? A medium laser? Several missile racks? Or comfortable sleeping pods? You can refernce existing weapon modules in the game, or describe new ones in as much detail as you see fit.

To submit your creation:

Using the template above, please EMAIL your vehicle idea to admin@wayfar1444.com - you can also submit your idea in game but an email is probably the most effective way to get the information across in a nicely readable format.

You are encouraged to use inspiration from science fiction that doesn't involve any outright copyright violations!

The contest deadline is DECEMBER 12TH! Prizes will be awarded by the first week of January.