Sunday, June 6, 2021

New leadership for Wayfar 1444

It's been a great experience writing Wayfar 1444.  Due to a new job where I won't have reliable internet access, I am going to hand over lead development and management of Wayfar to Code002, who has spent the last couple of months getting familiar with all the game systems.

The entirety of the source code, website, blog, and email administration will be handled by Code002 from now on.  This will ensure the game continues development and stays stable. 

Thanks to all of the volunteers that contributed to Wayfar, especially Aphteroid and CheechLizard.  I'd also like to thank Gilmore and Jed from HellMOO for letting me use their source code.  And most of all thanks to the players that enjoy the game and have tried it in the past!

Signing off,
Hawgpadre (aka el management)