Thursday, February 23, 2012

Updates 2/23/12

* Planetary Interdictor starship:

* Starship landing, launching, and docking actions
* Moons now generate with a dungeon inside

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Updates 2/18/12

Implemented the badmin feature "play as wildlife".  Approved players can earn points towards more advanced wildlife types as they play as a creature until death or @done:

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Updates 2/16/12

- got the MXP OLC into a portable format as an $api object and reduced the need for setup (it automatically presents all props and verbs for a basic setup, with the option for the object's owner to customize the MXP menu string):

- added a central purchaser/seller for each planet and made some changes to selling.  Instead of selling items to the complex terminal players can directly sell items from their inventory.  Stock is tracked by the central purchasers and prices adjusted accordingly (although central ALWAYS makes a profit):

MOO/MUD - Resources for designing a custom graphical client using MushClient

Step 1: Get data to MushClient

I did this by send "var" MXP tags when the player views his status, for instance.  And all rooms update mushclient's room data with the appropriate MXP tags.

Then write a Mushclient plugin.  As I go through this process I find myself referring often to the following articles:

I'll post screenshots of the wayfar plugin as progress is made.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Changelog 2/7/12

- Civilians now spawn from sector centers and head out onto the planet to establish homes.  After 25 game years, they become more advanced civilians, with a job type and attempt to either establish their own business or find the closest player building to work at.  They also spawn with a personality trait and randomized clothing:

New robot challenges and effects from increasing NPC combat reaction speed:

Non MXP $worldgen trait readout for OLC:
OLC gear tool:

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Updates 2/4/12

-Added lab tech background (starts with basic tech operation and science skills, requires 25 successful researches to complete).
-Added some basic biome changing mechanics to allow players to convert plague biomes to destroyed biomes, unstable biomes to flatlands, and destroyed biomes to various other biomes.
-Added several new biomes and updated others, as well as increasing the chance of an extreme biome being populated.
-Made NPCs react to combat much faster
-Added a civilian wildlife with randomized personality, favorite items, clothing, etc, to serve as the basis for more specific civilian types.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Note blurb: setting bits and permissions on lambdamoo/hellcore objects

Lambdamoo Programmer's Manual passage:

"The `r' bit controls whether or not players other than the owner of this object can obtain a list of the properties or verbs in the object."

The bits are set with a chmod command:
@chmod #thing +r sets r bit on, @chmod #thing -r sets r bit off
All items are created readable by default.  In addition, and #thing:verb can also be @chmod'ed, for instance if you wanted to make a specific verb or property non readable on something you made.

Good news: You never have to worry about this flag because don't make your shit unreadable 8)  More often you'll be doing @chmod #somethingimade +f which allows something to be spawned into the world. Another common command will be @chmod #somethingimade.someproperty -c in order to give other programmers permission to change properties you have defined when they create a child of that object.