Saturday, December 31, 2011

Updates 12/31/11

  • fixed a long standing bug with room descriptions
  • implemented the hacking framework
  • populated up to 1500 wildlife without issue
  • added all buildings to structure crafting tool
  • added a new building: space complex, which will allow the construction & launch of solar starships
  • did some prep codes for solar ships
  • made corpses rot faster
  • added missiles to available turret weapons
  • implemented the invasion/turret defense framework
Players can hack things that have controllers, like buildings and vehicles, if they are uncontrolled, to take ownership.  Hacking has other effects when players hack various objectives, as well as modules installed in buildings and vehicles.

List the available hack nodes in our location, then choose a program and target:

Fight through the firewalls!

And, best case, accomplish the hack, gaining access or control of various game objects:

Worst case, welp~

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Updates 12/27/11

  • first NPC guiding quest completed

  • follow now handles exits, grid maps, vehicles, and buildings
  • robots are now craftable but do not yet have an order/programming interface:

  • The planet map after a couple days of resource spawns:

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Alpha Launch Roadmap

Some of these may be trimmed, for alpha (text only) launch.  The beta roadmap will be based on "game" aspects, such as loot, crafting chains, objectives, quests, etc.  Post beta I'll be focusing my efforts on the custom client and time spent on the server codes will be for bugfixing/balancing purposes.
  • NPC factions must be working (invading, colonizing, and building)
  • NPC AI must be "working" (travelling to destination, all basic actions available, driving/flying enabled)
  • Factories must be working
  • It must be possible to build and launch a solar spacecraft and travel between planets in the same solar system
  • Wildlife attacks must be complete
  • Player attacks must be complete
  • Skill rolls must be integrated into their respective actions AND
  • those actions must be complete
  • the biomes must be complete (wildlife, resources, artifacts, scavenger objectives, biohazards, weather)
  • major weather objects must be complete
  • backgrounds and reroll mechanics must be complete

12/22/11 Changelog

  • added a fuel tank display when in a vehicle cockpit or looking at it from the exterior
  • worked on sector center building interior - about 30% finished
  • replaced expiring sub sectors with expiring buildings - reduces pain in my neck and allows easier random dungeon generation
  • skillpoint awards now display name of skill awarding the skillpoints
  • several minor fixes and improvement to skillpoint awards and skill success rolls
  • background selection and reroll fixes

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Updates 12/21/11

Every MUD needs fishing.  It is non negotiable.

Totally not finished view from inside a turret building:

Latest and greatest (allow biome requirements - eg X% of area must be ocean):

Ran the new biome population codes, resulting in a much better planet map:

View from the sector:

The background colors represent biome types (forest, desert, silicate, mountain, etc).  This planet is rated "habitable" so it's pretty friendly as far as alien planets go.  The foreground characters represent certain kinds of resources present in a room, eg the green X marks on the red desert denote energy deposits.

A biome, if it has the proper setting, has a small chance to upgrade to a more extreme version of itselfs.  The black sections on the above map are silicate biomes, which upgrade from desert biomes 5% of the time.

  • implemented simple turret buildings
  • implemented randomly generated fish for all biomes
  • converted vehicle and turret targetting to an action
  • added progress bars here and there
  • added 12 additional wildlife for the new biomes
  • implemented module installation/uninstallation for vehicles and buildings
  • many related fixes to cockpits, dice, and attacks
  • update player and planet pages on the website to display the planetary map
  • bartender added to the sleazy bucket
  • a selection of excellent beverages has been added to the sleazy bucket thanks to DFP
  • added several new biomes

Updates 12/20/11

  •  skills and armor can now grant commands
  •  added authorize lists to buildings and vehicles, allowing players to let other players use their stuff
  •  added basic lock/unlock codes
  •  added collectible holovids
  •  added collectible holo profiles, which detail wildlife or player stats

Mini Hellcore tutorial - $lu:map_prop:

$list_utils:map_prop is insanely useful. Say you have a list of enemy species on your creature and you want to print their names. Instead of looping through the list and collecting the names, do this:

critter_list = {#123, #124, #125};
critter_names = $lu:map_prop( critter_list, "name" );
"now you could print the names with $su:from_list for example";
player:tell("This critter hates "+$su:from_list(critter_names,", ")+".");


* ACTIONS output
* crafting output for crafting guide

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Updates 12/15/11

  • implemented vehicle weapons
  • implemented vehicle modules & installation
  • implemented vehicle explosions
  • implemented simple shop rooms that sell a set range of items
  • updated craft to the final skill system
  • genetic material (DNA, bindings, and encodings) now populate with original creature data
  • several bug fixes and improvements

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Updates 12/12/11

* increase wildlife combat AI abilities
* several dozen new items and recipes, notably food and bandages
* implemented flying vehicles that travel through sector airspace -- up next is weaponry and combat for the flyers
* in progress: the machine arena, where the player can salvage parts from pit disposal chutes or enter one of their own bots in a match
* complex tickets and composite armor is available from the complex terminal - the ticket takes the player to the central complex hub and the composite armor is a reasonably-ish priced set of basic resistance armor

Friday, December 9, 2011

Updates 12/8/11

* added airboards. Watch out Marty!
* added research terminals, allowing players to turn rare artifacts into potentially lethal equipment
* added sector naming rights - the first player to enter a sector and send his buzzbot in gets to name the sector he discovered
* to go along with the naming rights, a repeatable sector mapping job
* a bevy of partially implemented and place holder weather fronts are now circulating through the planetary atmospheres
* added moons to solar system generation
* increased wilderness room generation complexity, especially the room names
* increased biome complexity and added more info to the biome guide
* implemented extreme/dangerous biomes that have a chance to occur if their parent biome is selected
* added the history log to record events in more or less real time
* jobs/missions can now cause historical events - in the future this will also occur with sector control changes, building particularly impressive things, murdering memorable numbers of aliens
* multiple bug fixes - thanks to Chimaera and Dibolcrif for testing (sploitin)

Friday, December 2, 2011

Updates 12/2/11

* added randomized armor in three tiers, with quality determining the types and weight of resistance