Monday, July 30, 2012

Changelog 7/30/12

* new shot of the on demand status, which has been running quite nicely for the last month or so.  Next up is making it three-D to handle the underground.  Altitude simulation is in as well!

* added vehicle painting customization:

* added the first pvp claimable - a fusion bomb (yes i did get this idea from the dark knight rises).  After a 12 hour delay it scours the land nearby.  A good way to get rid of buildings:

* Aphtonites implemented air support for npc invaders and buffed up SCUDs, among other internal changes.
* Death taunts - now on laffnet!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Update update for 7/23/12

Most of these updates are courtesy of Aphtonites - here are the two I've been working on when I catch a break from real work and going under the dentist's knife.  In addition Adminski has done some excellent work on immersive descriptions and even a little sane community building 8)
* new server configured
* some progress on implementing CheechLizard's much cooler website design

Aphtonites updates:
* New discoverables, including tier 1.5 materials
* A slew of new weapons and armor
* New starships, starship weapons, and tanks (~!)
* vehicle dealers!
* salvaging!
* upgrades to attacks, landings, and various space actions
* NPC factions that build and expand on their own
* Space upgrades of all kinds

* Massive upgrades to the economy, full trade system, fully operational bulk buy/sell options:
* Sniping!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Changelog 7/2/12

* Aphteroid asked me to post some of his changes in the dev blog too. I was going to, but there were so many it would take too long.  Several dozen fixes and additions: for flyers, new explosives and gas masks, bandages, dropped loot, more.
* Apht fixed cockpit view for instance:

* re-implemented HellMOO $decal objects and added the first decal, which of course is a nice scorch mark from your drop pod
* a whole lot of improvements and bug fixes to the spawner:

* weather revamp:
two cloud fronts with rain in the middle

northern clouds / weather shift after update

clouds to the southwest, rainfall off the coast
forest in the middle of the clouds on FROG-1322