Thursday, February 20, 2014

Updates 02/20/14

Hawgnote: Wayfar 1444 is now available on the chrome web store (for free): Wayfar 1444 Free Game Client

Wow it's been a real while since the last updates post, things have been slow in the last few months since I lost my job and the other admins have been busy with their respective jobs/lives, but recently I've had a resurgence in focus and have made some pretty hefty changes and additions recently. Here's a roundup of what's been changed recently:

- Asteroid mining modules can now be mounted on any starship with available module capacity, it won't run unless you have an available cargo bay however. They can now be crafted too.
- Cargo bay assembly kits can be manufactured and mounted on any starship to add a cargo bay to the ship, this is required for asteroid mining and gas harvesting modules to work.
- Asteroid miners had their cargo hold capacity doubled and will vastly decrease asteroid mining times (making other ships using mining modules less efficient).
- The $noise framework that came with the Hellcore has been implemented, all vehicles now make noises when driving/flying, launching, landing and exploding, explosives will make noises when exploding and vehicle horns will now honk. These sounds can propagate through both indoor rooms and wilderness rooms.
- Laser tripwires have been added to trigger devices such as remote charges, doors, and even missile silos when people who aren't authorised on the tripwires enter the room.
- Missile silos are no longer cheaty and require you to choose a target from a list of major structures on the planet, they now require an X/Y value to target.
- Some fancy new frameworks in place for producing unique sets of randomised critters and herbs/plants for each planet.
- Restructuring of the $drug framework to factor drug resistance from armor and other drugs back into the game.
- Weapons can now be looted with bad prefixes, making them worse than their parent weapon. Some new random weapon prefixes have been added.
- Armor can now be looted with a second set of prefixes, much like the prefixes weapons have. Some of these can be bad but some may increase the damage resistances of the piece, increase the dodge and defense rolls or even hacking rolls.
- Random stat-boosting relics have been added, they can be researched from the 'odd trinket' artifact and have randomised stat-boosting values including hack bonus, they occupy a gadget slot and may even generate with only negative bonuses.
- Random relic engines have been added, the research item that yields them is only found on moons (and hence requires special equipment to acquire) but they can provide exceptional size-to-thrust efficiency, fuel-to-thrust efficiency or both!
- Additional stat-boosting relic prefixes, names and descriptions have been added.
- New stamp prefixes for armor, and more non-stamp prefixes.
- Reworked armor descriptions to factor in all bonuses on those items.
- Random material armor now has a working 'points' routine which randomly assigned bonuses (previously the 'points' calculated would always be 0).
- Various armor pieces and other objects got descriptions.
- Armor pieces now have durability descriptions that match their base material (fiber, cloth, metal or ceramic).
- A new smokeable item has been added: Sky-sticks which are available from cigarette vending machines (in cantinas and other shady places), these provide an instant dice recovery and a clarity dice max and regen bonus.
- Smokeable items now have a small chance of giving you a cough when used, the cough has a chance to produce noise each heartbeat and a very small chance of harming you each heartbeat. This can be remedied with a relaxant inhaler which is available from central complex stores (it is a dice regen enhancing drug within it's own right, so it has use outside of curing coughs).
- The administration level of central complex had a few changes to prepare for a central complex quest contract store, the lounge on that level got a comfy couch, starkiller game machine and a cigarette machine (go buy some sky-sticks dog, 's cool).
- Some hefty restructuring of quest contracts from a mostly faction-related task to gain reputation towards credit-rewarding tasks, faction quest contracts will remain in-game for their original purpose though.

There's more stuff but I can't remember what it was, I do remember dropping a nuke on someone's house though, sorry whoever it was.
(Edit 02/21/14 & 02/22/14 - Added some of the stuff I did and some stuff I remembered).