Monday, July 28, 2014

7/28/14 Updates

- Assorted buffs to harvesting tools.
- Adjustments to civilian collection behavior and sanity checks, etc.
- Chop shops got buffed and their reference to acceptable chopping targets is now on a $worldgen property list and not a hard-coded one. You can now chop armor, weapons and gadgets for their constituent goodies (if they have any).
- Foods got restructured and a few new food items were added.
- Various pirate loot containers got buffed and a few new ones added, the newer armor/weapons are now included in the drop lists.
- Small escort vehicles (The 8T-RL escort vehicle) now come with a heavy machine gun mounted by default, it's not as powerful as the autocannon equivilent using the same ammunition but it'll do in a pinch.
- The 8T-RL escort vehicle now has a child vehicle the 8T-BL fast attack vehicle which is slightly slower but has greater integrity and fuel capacity.
- A bunch of minor changes to properties and descriptions for balance purposes and the removal of typos, etc.

On top of all that, I've recently been mucking around with the Unity3D engine, favoring the 2D side. I'm just getting to grips with all the important classes and getting used to the C# language (MOOcode handles public/private status and classes in another fashion) but I'm making fairly decent progress with a little 2D shooter platformer thing as a testbed.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Changelog Summary / Devblog Updates for 7/15/14

* bugfixes & ~200 descriptions added.
* Added a starship construction platform station to the Supra solar system.
* Added a mailing list called *typo for reporting spelling & grammar errors - use the syntax: @send *typo to submit reports.
* Colonists can now be assigned to gather resources and will bring them to your warehouse every 12 hours.
* Daily login rewards added.  Referral rewards added.  Holiday events coming soon!
* Dragging re-enabled on most things that should be draggable.
* You can now type MATCH or MATCH <string> to see exactly which objects match to which names in game.
* Added association logs which currently track credit transactions.
* Limited orbital bombardment from dreadnought class ships is now possible.
* Collecting some various images from forums posts:

(warpstorm test)

(current map and status view... status in need of rework)

(programmer assist MXP menu)

* Alien desert concept art: 

* Added new graphical solar maps to the website and a brand new historical event log: