Friday, March 12, 2021

Upcoming changes for Wayfar 1444

 First of all, thanks to several player reports and some light weight stress testing of the MOO, several critical and annoying bugs have been fixed (some of them very longstanding).

Here are the priorities for Wayfar 1444 development going forward:

  • Lag issues - due to room spawning, there is a lag spike every hour as the room spawning system cleans up rooms.  This will be replaced with an instanced room design.
  • Civilian AI - civilians are a little wierd in how they respond to events, and not as useful as they could be.
  • Finish the psyker background and release it.
  • Black market review and fixes - black markets spawn on planets and sell unique, limited edition goods. 
  • Pirate outpost and base review and fixes.
  • Website relaunch!

Beyond that, there is a steady stream of bugs to be fixed, as well as more minor features to be added, like new hackable items, starship improvements, additional perlin noise generation improvements and more.  

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