Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Big Plans: social classes

Ever since playing Star Wars Galaxies, I've been keen on the idea of a skillset that lets players hang out in a cantina and roleplay a gay jedi disseminate news and buffs.

These professions will be represented in Wayfar with a set of skills, allowing the player to use the profession, and then increasing the power or duration of the buff.

Profession: Musician

A classic, the musician hands out battle and hunting buffs. Players listen to the musician to receive this buff.

* a player can sing/play once every 15 minutes. The sing/play action itself takes 10 minutes, leaving a 5 minute downtime.
* a player can listen to a musician once every 5 minutes, receiving a buff geared towards combat. Listening takes 3 minutes to receive the full buff.

Profession: Preacher

The preacher exhorts the faithful to do their duty, in good times and bad. This translates to an in-game effect of a single unit of "luck" - which is expended in special circumstances.

* a player can preach once a day for up to 60 minutes.
* a player can listen once a day for 3 minutes to receive luck.

Profession: Consultant

The consultant brings fabricators, scientists, and researchers up to speed with the latest developments, buffing crafting skills.

* a player can run a consultation session every 15 minutes, with the action taking 10 minutes.
* a player can listen to a consultation every 5 minutes, with the action taking 3 minutes.

10/25/11: The Return of Minimap

Thanks to 0@infernomoo, the minimap makes a glorious return. This first draft produces a map based on terrain and biome type.

* added the maker block (thanks Spider). This generalized crafting station is used to make domestic goods, refine raw resources, and even, when equipped with a black market AI, produce illicit goods.

* implemented the colonial rifle (created by DFP) - get yourself a kit from the complex and whip up your first ranged weapon

Friday, October 14, 2011

Updates 10/14/11

* implemented weather. Every real hour, weather patterns across the planets are checked, updated, and if requirements are met, dissipated.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Updates 10/13/11

* my brother did the graphic for the main page and you can view his society6 page here
* minor additions to crafting content
* added cameras
* and small progress on farm buildings