Friday, July 22, 2011


Welp, I went to the Captain America midnight showing and it ruled. However, I'm pretty wiped out. I did manage to think up a new and better scheme for the randomly generated dungeons that will be randomly placed on the planets, so I'll be working on that over the next few days as it is a key feature.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Updates 7/19/11


light vehicle crafting tool
[[ light vehicle crafting tool ]]
Current project: 12T-LL transport truck
quad wheels x1 (30.0%)
single driver cockpit x1 (40.0%)
small cargo bay x1 (30.0%)
Total complexity for this project: 25.0
Project is incomplete, add more components.

basic crafting tool
[[ basic crafting tool ]]
Current project: colonial machete
copper x2 (80.0%)
generic wood x1 (20.0%)
Total complexity for this project: 3.0
Project is incomplete, add more components.

Still a few issues to sort out and a lot of UI work to do, but crafting is taking into account material quality, making a crafting roll, and producing items. Crafting is done via hand held tools or (future) constructed factories.

* added creature(s): running mulcher

* added the first special weapon besides harvesters: the medical transfer unit
* added three new weapons: webbed cutter (melee), palm blaster (ranged), sonic projector (ranged scattergun)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Updates 7/6/2011

* harvesting tools: when looking at a tool, you will see what resources it can harvest
* harvesting tools: added the scan/survey ability, allowing you to see which resources are present

Hawgpadre begins surveying for resources with its low power hand miner.
Your low power hand miner has finished the survey:
Survey located presence of copper in this location.
No metal laden soil was found here.
Survey located presence of iron in this location.
Hawgpadre finishes surveying with its low power hand miner.

* added status injectors for using licit and illicit substances that cause buffs and debuffs
* players can now wear armor suits, which can resist specific types of damage
* added the gear/eq/equipment/worn command to display equipped weapons and armor

* fixed an issue preventing drops from being populated on corpses correctly