Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Changelog 6/27/12

* flyers vehicles and most normal things now work perfectly on the new on demand planets
* new look for flyer cockpits:
* Some larger planets, too big for screenshots: CT-732 Planet Map, IT-1067 Planet Map, WY-1444 Planet Map
* a double (21 x 21) sized minimap for running around in the wilderness:

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Updates 6/26/12

* multiple bug fixes to shops, wilderness, and creatures
* Aphtonites implemented a loan terminal for takin out those loans for new tri-d screens that you don't really need
* implemented inferno pistol on the equipment tool
* implemented maxi-melter ranged weapon with ammo

* new ammo supplier job
* completed the $api.claimable, $api.claimable.implementation, $actions.claim, and $actions.abandon to implement a non hacking based PVP claiming mechanic.  The air scanner pictured below is the prototype:

* uploaded rough draft of $api.claimable to: modular-moocode @ google code
* rough draft of the $ods/on demand spawn system for dynamically spawning rooms:

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Updates 6/21/12

A whole slew of things will go unmentioned here, but at least here are a few recent updates:

* mostly finalized the "must do" for alpha 2/end of summer
* buffed dice regen a bit
* added a game error handler for printing nice messages in certain situations
* fixed bugs and exploits on the linkup terminal, added colony beacon
* implemented emergency teleporter gadget
* new pirate moon dungeon by Aphteroid (and several other space changes)
* implemented player built planetary shuttle networks for quick movement between prime locations:

* implemented lifesign scanners for vehicles: