Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Updates 12/20/11

  •  skills and armor can now grant commands
  •  added authorize lists to buildings and vehicles, allowing players to let other players use their stuff
  •  added basic lock/unlock codes
  •  added collectible holovids
  •  added collectible holo profiles, which detail wildlife or player stats

Mini Hellcore tutorial - $lu:map_prop:

$list_utils:map_prop is insanely useful. Say you have a list of enemy species on your creature and you want to print their names. Instead of looping through the list and collecting the names, do this:

critter_list = {#123, #124, #125};
critter_names = $lu:map_prop( critter_list, "name" );
"now you could print the names with $su:from_list for example";
player:tell("This critter hates "+$su:from_list(critter_names,", ")+".");


* ACTIONS output
* crafting output for crafting guide