Thursday, December 22, 2011

Alpha Launch Roadmap

Some of these may be trimmed, for alpha (text only) launch.  The beta roadmap will be based on "game" aspects, such as loot, crafting chains, objectives, quests, etc.  Post beta I'll be focusing my efforts on the custom client and time spent on the server codes will be for bugfixing/balancing purposes.
  • NPC factions must be working (invading, colonizing, and building)
  • NPC AI must be "working" (travelling to destination, all basic actions available, driving/flying enabled)
  • Factories must be working
  • It must be possible to build and launch a solar spacecraft and travel between planets in the same solar system
  • Wildlife attacks must be complete
  • Player attacks must be complete
  • Skill rolls must be integrated into their respective actions AND
  • those actions must be complete
  • the biomes must be complete (wildlife, resources, artifacts, scavenger objectives, biohazards, weather)
  • major weather objects must be complete
  • backgrounds and reroll mechanics must be complete