Friday, December 9, 2011

Updates 12/8/11

* added airboards. Watch out Marty!
* added research terminals, allowing players to turn rare artifacts into potentially lethal equipment
* added sector naming rights - the first player to enter a sector and send his buzzbot in gets to name the sector he discovered
* to go along with the naming rights, a repeatable sector mapping job
* a bevy of partially implemented and place holder weather fronts are now circulating through the planetary atmospheres
* added moons to solar system generation
* increased wilderness room generation complexity, especially the room names
* increased biome complexity and added more info to the biome guide
* implemented extreme/dangerous biomes that have a chance to occur if their parent biome is selected
* added the history log to record events in more or less real time
* jobs/missions can now cause historical events - in the future this will also occur with sector control changes, building particularly impressive things, murdering memorable numbers of aliens
* multiple bug fixes - thanks to Chimaera and Dibolcrif for testing (sploitin)