Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Updates 12/21/11

Every MUD needs fishing.  It is non negotiable.

Totally not finished view from inside a turret building:

Latest and greatest (allow biome requirements - eg X% of area must be ocean):

Ran the new biome population codes, resulting in a much better planet map:

View from the sector:

The background colors represent biome types (forest, desert, silicate, mountain, etc).  This planet is rated "habitable" so it's pretty friendly as far as alien planets go.  The foreground characters represent certain kinds of resources present in a room, eg the green X marks on the red desert denote energy deposits.

A biome, if it has the proper setting, has a small chance to upgrade to a more extreme version of itselfs.  The black sections on the above map are silicate biomes, which upgrade from desert biomes 5% of the time.

  • implemented simple turret buildings
  • implemented randomly generated fish for all biomes
  • converted vehicle and turret targetting to an action
  • added progress bars here and there
  • added 12 additional wildlife for the new biomes
  • implemented module installation/uninstallation for vehicles and buildings
  • many related fixes to cockpits, dice, and attacks
  • update player and planet pages on the website to display the planetary map
  • bartender added to the sleazy bucket
  • a selection of excellent beverages has been added to the sleazy bucket thanks to DFP
  • added several new biomes