Thursday, September 1, 2011

Updates 9/1/11

* exploration has been upgraded. As a player explores, he can find supply caches, downed vehicles, and randomly generated sub sectors (dungeons). Eventually some of these items will be generated by player actions, such as an exploded player vehicle turning into a future discovery for another player.
* very very basic loot tables for wildlife implemented (wild hides and meat)
* upgraded the crafting interface to look better:

0 kicked off his devblog here: This guy is brilliant theory and game mechanic wise. I recommend scoping out his updates, his MOO set in actual Hell is sure to be intense.

On a non MOO related note, I picked up the two books below and enjoyed both of them immensely. Antiphon is a fantasy/sci fi hybrid, and The January Dancer is a compelling sci fi story told in a bardic style.