Thursday, May 26, 2011

NPC Tree growing

Added several key features to NPCs, then used the very useful :tree_tag verb to provide a printout of important data. Now, it has been pointed out to me that these creatures could be generated whole cloth from a single parent. The reason I'm not doing this is because I have a very specific theme feel I'm going for, so I want to be able to customize NPC appearance and behavior before procedurally determining other qualities about them.

Here's a screen of the current set of NPCs (triplicaster roach frog is copyright by me 8)):

The HP range should be pretty self explanatory, and sets a base health for the critter. Nextly, the creatures have different weapons they can be spawned with. The last information field, colors, is just a count of the basic colors the creature can spawn with. The color can determine a bonus or penalty (black rapier craw's get a defense bonus, yellow ones get a health penalty). I'll go over this system in greater detail once I iron it out a bit more.

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