Saturday, May 14, 2011

Brain spitting re: Robots

Robots: The Friendly Helper

Robots are your friend.  Robots are made of metal and gears and circuits, and each robot can help you and be your friend.  Robots are made by the National Robotics Insitute and they love people and can help them a lot!!! Let’s talk about the ways a robot could help you today, <DESIGNATOR-444456y>

$actions.robot_patrol - patrol between a set of 4 (?) points, attacking anything designated by the owner or a set of general criteriez

$actions.robot_haul  (from, to, what) - pick up as much <what> from <from> and then unload it at <to>.

$actions.robot_fuel (from,to,fuel,factory) - Retrieve some <fuel> from <from>, then head over to <to> and $actions.fuel <factory> with <fuel>.

$actions.robot_harvest (resource,starting_point) - After travelling to <starting_point>, attempt to harvest resources until capacity is full.  If no resources are found, wander the nearby squares and attempt to harvest.

$actions.robot_observe (location) - The robot will return a live stream of it’s room at <location>.

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