Thursday, January 21, 2016

Wayfar 1444 2016 Status & Roadmap

Hawgpadre here with some thoughts and roadmap for the coming year.

Goals for 2016:

* bio engineering - the ability to harvest DNA and spines from wildlife to create your own tameable creatures
* overhaul of planet generation systems and increase from 4 solar systems to 20
* freak background - inspired by firefly, you have weird psychic powers and must remove them before law enforcement puts you into a containment facility
* there will be a galaxy and player reset, announced well in advance
* more options during character generation, including the ability to start with unique to background items and more paths to explore when creating a character
* starship improvements, including untamed solar systems for adventuring in
* general AI improvements and fixes
* more orbital and solar mechanics - from new solar objects for players to craft, to new options for boarding enemy ships or disabling them
* Terraforming!  A long planned feature that needs some of the infrastructure behind the planet generation updates.  This is no longer a goal for Wayfar.

Possibly but Unlikely Goals:
* sector defense/ alien invasions
* mushclient plugin for an MMO type gameplay experience

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