Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Alpha Roundup & Last Objectives

Let's go over the alpha roadmap and see what the status is:

Objective: NPC factions must be working (invading, colonizing, and building)
Status: COMPLETE! (Aphteroid)

Objective: NPC AI must be "working" (travelling to destination, all basic actions available, driving/flying enabled)

Status: Almost complete.  NPC flight and space travel still to do.  (Aphteroid again)

Objective: Factories must be working
Status: COMPLETE! (Aptheroid)

Objective: It must be possible to build and launch a solar spacecraft and travel between planets in the same solar system
Status: COMPLETE!  In addition, travel between systems is working and four solar systems are currently active.

Objective: Player & wildlife attacks must be complete
Status: Incomplete.  This and biomes still need multiple man hours of work.

Objective: Skill rolls integrated and related actions complete.
Status: Partial, maybe 75%.

Objective: the biomes must be complete (wildlife, resources, artifacts, scavenger objectives, biohazards, weather)
Status: Partial - maybe 30%.  The more extreme biomes especially are lacking in detail.

Objective: major weather objects must be complete
Status: COMPLETE!  The weather system itself was also drastically improved.

Objective: backgrounds and reroll mechanics must be complete
Status: Incomplete.  This still needs a fair amount of work.  Some reroll improvements were made.

So, not terrible, given the hobbyist level of effort.  In addition to these goals a lot of other stuff was added, including a fair amount of content, improvements to the underlying systems, etc.  At this point there is one more set of goals and then Wayfar can be 'beta' instead of alpha.  Here are those goals:

* Complete the sector defense minigame
* Complete the robot/civilian management terminal
* Complete law enforcement mechanic
* Complete the vital crew terminals for starships: engineering, communications
* NPC pilots and spacefarers
* Complete the background scripting and reroll mechanics (again!)
* Complete the data entry for all 30 odd biomes, including wildlife, artifacts, objectives, biohazards, weather, and underground elements

In addition to these main goals, there are dozens of ideas and bugs that must be addressed, several minigames not mentioned, and loads of content.  But completing the above would satisfy the basic core of the game and let us move into 'beta'.

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